Searching for Natural Intelligence in the World

Celebrating All Mothers and Nurturers Life- Part I

What Origin of Life Research Can Teach Us About The Vital Importance of Women of the Earth in the Survival and Thrival of our Human Species An Ode to Mothers Everywhere A week ago Sunday we celebrated our mothers everywhere as the carriers of life and the bearers of...

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Wellness in the Workplace

The cultural meme and theme @CES2018 was #Whoa!!! Indeed, Whoa- Look at all the cool technology. Whoa-check out the lightning speed at which these innovative ideas seem to be traveling and disrupting one another across the IT marketplace. Whoa-How extraordinary that...

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A Reflection on Artificial Intelligence

A Reflection on AI in Life and the Workplace There is no question that businesses are evolving their companies with a firm focus on integrating Artificial Intelligence more significantly and universally into the core operations and workflow of their departments,...

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The “Why” of Natural Intelligence by Design

Why “Naturally Intelligent by Design”? Why this book? Why now? The "Naturally Intelligent by Design" book is important because we live on a beautiful, diverse, culturally and ecologically rich planet, Earth. But for most of us, this is NOT our lived experience on...

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Reflections on COP 21: Part III

Hello. My name is Amber. You know… that magic light at dawn and dusk; that torch pine perfume; that healing medicine? Yes, that’s me… sometimes also called cruel ancient sap, famous for entombing prehistoric insects! Take me on the Hero Journey to become a Nature...

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