Searching for Natural Intelligence in the World

Paradise Lost- California’s Fires, Burning

Historic, record-breaking fires swept through the State of California this weekend… and our new Governor Gavin Newsom announced, California in a state of emergency. Just as we dodged 1 bullet days earlier in the midterm elections, and reclaimed the House in DC…...

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Surviving The Next Century – Part II

Building World Trust- A Revolution in Collaboration for Action is Underway   So what are we doing to build world trust? The good news is that even though the scale, complexity, and threat of our climate-resource challenge is real and scary; we are naturally...

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Surviving the Next Century Part I

Doubling Down on Global Climate Action (Featured in Thrive Global) Catherine Cunningham, PhD, Mission Possible: Awaken Natural Intelligence in Our World Title Image: Dr. Johan Rockstrom at the Global Climate Action Summit 2018 in San Francisco, Launching the...

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Celebrating All Mothers and Nurturers Life- Part I

What Origin of Life Research Can Teach Us About The Vital Importance of Women of the Earth in the Survival and Thrival of our Human Species An Ode to Mothers Everywhere A week ago Sunday we celebrated our mothers everywhere as the carriers of life and the bearers of...

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Wellness in the Workplace

The cultural meme and theme @CES2018 was #Whoa!!! Indeed, Whoa- Look at all the cool technology. Whoa-check out the lightning speed at which these innovative ideas seem to be traveling and disrupting one another across the IT marketplace. Whoa-How extraordinary that...

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A Reflection on Artificial Intelligence

A Reflection on AI in Life and the Workplace There is no question that businesses are evolving their companies with a firm focus on integrating Artificial Intelligence more significantly and universally into the core operations and workflow of their departments,...

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