Johan Rockstrom

Director of the Potsdam Institute for Climate Action Research


From the beginning of the industrial revolution, we perceived nature as a resource and unlimited reserve for humanity’s convenience. We didn’t believe there were consequences when we didn’t give or grow back the biological wealth we extracted, nor repay nature’s debt of ecological services to our growing human civilization’s health and wellbeing.  All the while we have fuelled the engine of ubiquitous human progress and have fed our lemming-like human population without regard for nature’s planetary boundaries.

We’ve travelled along an exponentially impressive development track, but without taking a regular pulse on the planet, checking in with our impacts on ecosystem health, or gauging our lifestyle choices against the benefit of other living beings for better or for worse…before realizing that we may one day find ourselves teetering on the edge of an ecological cliff. Now that global change is accelerating faster than scientists have predicted. “The accelerated speed, scale, and scope of earth system’s change should give us good cause to be nervous…” (Johan Rockstrom, Director of Potsdam Institute for Climate Research and Global Situation Room, WEF 2019)

Natural Intelligence Worldwide


Exclusive Interviews

with Global Leaders


Catherine Cunningham interviews an extraordinary collection of thought leaders in business, government, and society who inspire our collective evolution- to shape a new deal with nature, to avert a global climate crisis, to advance our UN global goals for sustainable human development, and to ensure future technology delivers the greatest good to support life on earth.


The need to awaken our natural intelligence, to re-connect with our true human nature, and to remember our rightful relationship with the natural world has never been more important than it is now.

We are global citizens. We are having a planetary affect on the living biosphere, nature’s ecosystems, and the climate of our planet, Earth. It is time for us to mature as the stewards of our Eikos (home).

There is no Planet B.

Thus, we are on a quest with these interviews to discover the most meaningful messages and the most effective cultural memes that promise to inspire humanity to evolve collectively into our best selves, so that we can positively transition to a new sustainable paradigm in our fast changing world.

Your Challenge

Read the Exponential Climate Action Roadmap summary and decide at least one lifestyle change that you will make to do your part in this coming year. 

Your Thoughts

This is the year that the international community will be framing the New Deal with Nature. What are your top 1-3 deal points we need to make with ourselves and nature in this New Deal? #NewDealforNature #mynaturalintelligence

Other Featured Podcasts

We launched Natural Intelligence Worldwide at

The Annual Meeting for the

World Economic Forum 2019

In partnership with Eurovision, Catherine Cunningham @ Natural Intelligence Media hosted exclusive interviews with world leaders in business, government, and society at the World Economic Forum’s Annual Meeting in Davos, 2019 to amplify the voice of nature in this Forum. We have already interviewed over 50 world leaders in business, government, and society…and we will continue throughout the year to interview many profoundly thoughtful people with brilliant ideas about how to shape our future world with a seventh generation legacy mindset.

Host, Catherine Cunningham, PhD

We hope you enjoyed listening and learned something new to upgrade your life. Please feel free to share your thoughts on awakening natural intelligence in our world–an experience you’ve had, a commitment you’ve made, a lifestyle change you encourage others to adopt, or something you learned from our featured podcast.

Special Thanks to Eurovision and the World Economic Forum

Creative Collaboration is Key for our global culture to evolve. Thanks for your vision.

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