Kaiss Live @ WEF in Davos 2017 with Environmental Minister Hakima El Haite, Morocco and Director of Leaving Legacy

Theme: Responsive and Responsible Leadership

Introducing Leaving Legacy to the World. Why is this story important?“Leaving Legacy” is a film highlighting the importance of climate finance through a Laila & Kaiss (MENA Romeo & Juliet) story that puts Morocco at the center of the marketplace for exchange of value and climate finance- north-south; east-west. 

The Leaving Legacy film promises to build awareness and interest in meeting current development challenges; like sustainable agriculture, water security, and clean energy for all-exacerbated by climate change by illuminating the importance of critical, early stage finance.

Why is this narrative important?

“Business and technology have arrived; now the only thing we need is climate finance.” Rachel Kyte (Marrakesh Partnership of Global Actions, COP22) Upwards of 70% of the nearly 4.3 trillion needed to build our new climate future will come from the private sector (Nick Stern, New Climate Finance) and we have nearly 5000 companies, representing 11 trillion USD committed to climate change action (Paul Dickinson, World Climate Summit).  

Capital now needs to convert to real, transformative, long term, large scale, new energy and infrastructure projects… and this takes real vision.

The lead character of our film, Leaving Legacy, holds that vision and acts on it in a most compelling way to leave his Legacy in a way that aims to pull at the heartstrings of every impact investor, company, entrepreneur, good global citizen in the world.