A Modern Legend for All Earth Guardians to InSpire Us to Protect our Sacred Earth for the Seventh Generation Future

A Natural Intelligence Media Production

“InSpire” is a 5-minute film about unifying voices from different groups to avoid a climate tipping point and to ensure a viable world for the Seventh Generation Future. The film is based on an Incan Creation Story where two children from the future (Killa, the Moon Girl, and Inti, her Brother Sun) must stop the arguing among the Council of Nations for the Sky God and Earth Mother (their parents) to allow the Sun to Rise the next day. A COP 21 Premiere in 2015 “InSpire” premiered at the COP 21 on December 3rd on the UN Day dedicated to Youth, Families, and Future Generations. It screened at numerous events and venues thereafter; including the UNEP Social Innovation Forum, Paris-Lima Pavilion, and the Climate Change Studio. A Gift for All Post-COP 21 in 2016 InSpire is now a gift to the world- for organisations, governments, civil society groups, UN organisations, individuals to InSpire our post-COP 21 Climate Action in 2016. Thank You to all involved in the Production of “InSpire”. We pulled off this creative miracle with passion and purpose in record time to be relevant and ready for COP 21 … to light the world on fire with our story.