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Hello. My name is Amber. Yes, that magic light at dawn and dusk; that torch pine perfume; that healing medicine, but stai attento, I am also known for entombing prehistoric insects! When I was young—and I’ve only ever been young, my father called me his Amber Jewel!

Amber’s STORY

Don’t most parents consider their children, precious living gems? If I’ve learned anything from my privileged world wanderings in the 21 years of my life, it’s that despite our differences in culture, our distances in time and space, this we share… we will always be our family’s jewels. Our parents will do anything to secure for us a safe, prosperous, healthy home and to the very best of their ability, protect us under the most challenging circumstances. But, sometimes the universe has other plans. So, know that I don’t blame my parents for what happened to me that starlit night when the nightingale came to sing at my windowsill… I was only 21. Ah, but that’s another story- one for a feature film we will tell in years to come.

What I want to share with you now is how I first came to be in touch with my Nature Vera, so that you may waste no time in reclaiming yours. So, one day in my secret garden, I became mesmerised by the flight of the butterflies swirling and twirling around the sweet-smelling red roses. And as my body settled into the wild grasses and the soft spring breeze caressed my cheeks; my senses soured. I felt fully alive and fully integrated into the scene of this natural play on my senses, performed all around me. I could hear the clapping of the aspen tree leaves against their petioles. Looking up, I became dizzy by the fast moving clouds overhead, weaving in and out the mountain spires. This was my home. I had found my secret garden where I knew I belonged. So, every day thereafter, I returned to witness the symphony of life play out here in this magic place. Sitting still and for many days, I learned much and promise to synthesize the natural intelligence into Nature’s Living Principles in the near future.

It’s been over a decade now since Nature first started appearing to me. And even as I am flooded by her infinite beauty and grace, I have so much still to learn. The good news is that this wisdom, this Natura Vera, already lives within you too. So, we can start together on a journey to awaken Natural Intelligence in the world with a beginner’s mind. Ready?

Amber is Our Guide 

Follow the links to Amber’s Story and enter her Natura Vera Garden to learn more about her journey- awakening natural intelligence in herself and in her world. Then, adventure with her on her quest to discover Natural Intelligence in the world through NI’s Articles, NI’s Books, NI’s Filmsand NI’s Podcasts with naturally intelligent living beings by design and global shapers. Stay tuned for her next blog, Life in 360 (2019).




Million Years Ago, Life First Evident on Earth

Million Species, Adapted and Evolved to the World Today


”Observe me. Listen to me. Learn from me. Over 8.7 million species have adapted to ever-changing earth environments and have survived by following Nature’s Principles. If Humanity chooses now also to follow Nature’s Principles of what it means to be alive, then we all will survive. And, if we don’t, then we won’t.”   EARTH SPEAKING