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Premium nature-inspired films, articlesbooks, nature photos, and podcasts to awaken natural intelligence in our world and to empower all of us to live a high quality, healthy, happy life.


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Reflect on Nature’s Inspirations

Carve out a quiet moment to enter into Amber’s Garden of Nature’s Secrets and discover how nature’s muse unmated her creative voice. By spring we aim to have the garden filled with Amber’s nature-inspired book collection and journals that apply natural wisdom to global issues, relevant to our lives today. Currently, she is writing an interactive book, entitled “Inspired by Nature” that is a collection of 365 reflections on the adaptation strategies of plants, fish, fungi, birds, reptiles, amphibians, and mammals to their changing environment which provide lessons for us to live a healthier, higher quality, harmonious life.

Bring Nature Home

When we spend time in natural environments- sit by a river, hike up a mountain, travel across a desert, swim in the ocean, stand on a canyon cliff; our heart rate settles, our breathing calms; our minds clear; our senses tune… we are awake. We are home, in harmony again with our naturally intelligent life rhythm. And, as most of us spend our days & nights in human-constructed homes; it is our vision with Natural Intelligence to offer you simple ways to imbue your living spaces with nature-inspired art… to inspire all of your days. Nature’s Reflection fine art photography is our first NI artistic expression and offering. We invite you to peruse the gallery and find the imagery that  captures the naturally intelligent visual vibe you are looking to bring into your home-office.

Create Natural Ambience

Traditional cultures around the world have designed and crafted infinite ways to awaken our six senses and to invite nature’s resonance into our homes. Guided by Amber, our natural intelligence design experts have now begun their global search for culturally-crafted, elegant design elements that aim to bring the energy, spirit, and vibrancy of nature-craft, inspired by traditions around the world into your Home. All of our product offerings are the result of naturally intelligent relationships that aim to expand prosperity in emerging economies and to celebrate native traditions that have developed over generations creative ways to bring health and wellness into the home. We invite you to visit our ambience store and discover our first autumn offerings. Learn the stories behind the native designers and artisans, and the amazing global traders, who empower them to reach larger global markets.

Awaken Your Human+Nature

We launch our NI life & professional skills offerings with a core training course comprised of seven lessons, activities, and reflections designed especially for you to awaken the naturally intelligent hero within. It is our intention in 2018 to begin offering a variety of personal growth short courses on topics like health, wealth, nature, nutrition, and wellness– all focused on awakening different aspects of your naturally intelligent self.  As our aim is to be in service to our growing natural intelligence community, please feel free to Contact Us and offer suggestions on course offerings that you believe would benefit yourself and others.

Amber is Our Guide 

Follow the links to Amber’s story and enter her Natura Vera garden to learn more about her journey- awakening natural intelligence in herself and her world. Then, adventure with her on her quest to discover natural intelligence in the world through NI’s Exploration Blog and NI’s Portfolio of Interviews with global shapers.