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Every Friday we highlight one new animal in a 3-5 minute podcast from our collection of 365 animals, showcased in our Naturally Intelligent by Design fine art picture picture book. Listen to our featured animals and be inspired by their natural intelligence. Share with your friends, Enjoy!

Catherine Cunningham, PhD

Available in 2019

Naturally Intelligent By Design

Non-Fiction, 365 Inspirations from Animals in Nature

Naturally Intelligent by Design was written by ecologist, anthropologist, and creative writer, Catherine Cunningham, PhD with a forward by Joe Rohde, Creative Executive at Disney Imagineering and wildlife, indigenous culture advocate. Wildlife imagery was contributed by Nature’s Reflection Photography and friends. Naturally Intelligent by Design was written as a 21st C almanac in a Dr. Seuss-like way to deliver an entertaining, easy-to-read, short, fun, factual, inspiring reflection on one specially-selected animal every day of the year… year after year after year.